I had already taken pictures in this market here. And I also had a jumpsuit here. The time difference between the photos is huge, the funniest, is that some were taken before the summer, and others before winter 🙂 It’s so hot in Portugal guys 🙂 I hope your week is running very well, my was full of happiness and surprises  full of work and a thousand things to do!


  A little more alternative than you are used to seeing here at the blog is true… I don’t know if you ever hoped to see me with this kind of boots, but I couldn’t resist this time:) I like the things more feminine  but this look resulted in something different.


  First of all, thanks for the comments and messages I received on the previous post. I never imagined I would receive so many kind words, and that The French Fries had such importance to so many of you.


  I want to give you all a big kiss, and thank you for all the birthday wishes on instagram (I will begin to answer one by one now), for all the emails and messages on facebook.